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Our guide to commercial van insurance cover for Tilers

Do all Tilers self-employed or not, need commercial van insurance?

Every Tiler using a van for work purposes, self-employed or not, even when only travelling to one job or a regular place of work, must have some form of commercial van cover for Tilers

All Tilers must then also ask themselves the equally important question; what type of van insurance do I actually need?

Weather a Tiler is using a van, car or even a motorbike to move from job to job, carry tools, or give co-workers lifts in working hours a Tiler must have commercial vehicle cover. Accidents are rare but unfortunately inevitable and happen when they are least expected. If a Tiler is conducting business activities at the time of any incident their insurance provider may not pay-out with only standard van insurance cover in place.

Continue reading for’s quick guide to van insurance for Tilers. Although we cover the basics, we advise all our recommended Tilers to contact a reputable van insurance broker when deciding exactly which insurance policy to purchase. We recommend our trusted partner Commercial vehicle Direct to assist you in far more detail about the certain types of van cover a Tiler may need.

guide to commercial van insurance for Tilers

Commercial Vehicle Direct are trusted by over 120,000 commercial vehicle drivers in the UK and have trained professionals on hand to guide Tilers in the best policies available on the market.

Don’t take the risk with inadequate van cover

Although Tilers will be pay a higher premium for a commercial vehicle policy, do not be tempted to run the risk of purchasing only a standard insurance policy when in fact you will using your van for gain as a Tiler. To any Tiler, your vehicle is your livelihood and without it, as a Tiler you will not be unable to ply your trade and stay in business.

a Tiler not having the correct van insurance is similar to a home owner not having the correct home insurance cover, get it wrong and it could cost you very heavily indeed, it really could ruin lives.

What type of Van insurance cover does a Tiler need?

The only Tilers that are exempt from commercial vehicle cover are Tilers that only use their van solely for social use whilst away from work. This would include everyday life activities such as visiting relatives and friends plus also enjoying hobbies which require the use of a van such as canoeing, surfing, cycling etc. Inevitably being a self employed Tiler you will be using your van for more than just social activities, but you may have a second van just for social use, this type of van insurance Is ideal for the second vehicle you own.

The moment a Tiler uses their van for any type of business or financial gain the correct commercial van insurance must cover the vehicle.

The department of transport has stated that there were over 3.1 million light goods vehicles using UK roads, as of December 2011, and that all of these vehicles should be insured by one of the four following types of van insurance cover.

  • Social Domestic and Pleasure Insurance

  • Carriage of own goods

  • Carriage of goods for hire or reward

  • Haulage

Each of these four different types of cover reflects the type of activities conducted by a Tiler while using their vehicle. So in addition to third party only, third party fire and theft, theft and comprehensive, Tilers will also need to consider carefully these four different insurance classifications also.

Social Domestic and Pleasure Insurance

This covers Tilers who do not use their vehicle to travel to and from work or for any commercial activities. a Tiler with this cover would only be able to use their Van for general use and hobbies that require a vehicle larger than a car.

Carriage of own goods cover (recommended for Tilers)

This would be the standard van insurance policy required for both a self-employed Tiler and an employed Tiler travelling to a place of work in their van. This type of commercial van insurance would cover a Tiler’s personal possessions plus any goods that would be directly used by the Tiler to ply their trade. Tools, golf clubs, even your CD’s in the clove box.

Be clear though that although this classification would cover a Tiler’s personal tools and possessions any third party goods may need additional goods in transit cover. For instance a Tiler has just picked up £5,000 worth of materials from their local Tilers merchants, the Tiler stops for a coffee and they are stolen. A standard carriage of own goods may not cover a Tiler for such loss, so Tilers must know where they stand with their van insurance provider.

When Tilers are signing into a carriage of own goods insurance policy their insurance broker will ask exactly what type of business they conduct and what type of goods the Tiler will be carrying. It is very important that Tilers be as specific as possible with their answers, this will enable their commercial vehicle insurance broker to find them the best deal with the best cover possible for Tilers.

Many commercial van insurance brokers will also construct a deal for Tilers which incorporates all the different types of cover a Tiler may need and will give significant discounts on these packages.

Do make sure when signing into any van insurance deal that it provides all the appropriate cover needed by a Tiler, as it would be expensive to go to a second or third company to gain the extra further levels of cover necessary for a Tiler separately. The best way to safeguard against this is again for Tilers to inform their insurance broker with as much detailed information as possible about what their van will be used for, when obtaining a quote and before signing anything binding.

Carriage of goods for hire or reward & Haulage

This classification is rarely used by Tilers as the carriage of goods for hire or reward classification covers delivery type work. This type of commercial van insurance covers the transport of a third parties goods for financial reward and is not really applicable to Tilers.

GAP Insurance

In addition to these policies there are many add on’s a Tiler can add to their policy. One to seriously consider is gap insurance. If you are a Tiler buying a van outright or through a finance or lease agreement, a GAP insurance policy helps Tilers to protect the value of their vehicle in the event of a write off.

Tilers Simply take out a GAP policy at the time of purchase, and when they need to make a claim, their policy covers the difference between any insurance pay-out and the amount the Tiler actually paid for the vehicle.

Commercial Vehicle Direct

Our trusted partner Commercial Vehicle Direct (CVD) is the UK’s biggest van insurance broker, offering great deals for Tilers from more than 20 leading insurers. They will be more than happy to guide any Tiler through the many different levels of insurance a Tiler may need. Over 120,000 commercial van owners many of which are Tilers trust Commercial Van Direct Ltd with their van cover needs.

By contacting CVD you can take advantage of a number of benefits, including:

  • Low excesses available
  • Cover for Tilers with penalty points or convictions
  • Tool cover for Tilers
  • GAP Insurance for Tradesmen
  • Warranty cover
  • Breakdown and Accident Assistance

CVD’s Technical Broking Unit can arrange cover for all Tilers that call so, no matter what your circumstances, you can get the commercial vehicle cover that is right for Tilers. Just call 0845 125 8640 for a quote or visit for more details.

Written by Jeffrey Smith,

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