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Finding rated Tradesmen in Northamptonshire

Finding quality local Tradesmen in Northamptonshire can be a daunting task at best, it is also something you need to get right 1st time, because the consequences of hiring a rogue trader can be very costly, even dangerous.

How We Help homeowners find recommended Tradesmen in Northamptonshire allows homeowners and businesses to search, compare then hire their Tradesmen in just a couple of clicks.

We allow you to compare your Northamptonshire Tradesmen using genuine feedback left by previous clients.

  • Price
  • Quality of work
  • Reliability
  • Quote accuracy
  • Professionalism

Getting Quotes

Simply type the trade you Require along with your post code into our Compare tradesmen box to the right.

A listing page will appear with all our Tradesmen that are listed in Northamptonshire.

Compare your Tradesmen in Northamptonshire using the ratings bar provided and then click the profile of the tradesman that you feel suits your needs best.

Making contact

On every tradesman's profile there is a “contact tradesman” option, simply click this button and a free job lead will be sent to your chosen Tradesman informing them you require a quote.

Job alerts are optional, you could just simply choose to contact you’re tradesman with the contact details provided, at your leisure.

What Happens next?

Before a job alert is sent you will be asked to give your job a name, once the job alert has been sent your job will be placed in your personal home owner account page. From here you can accept or discard the quotes you receive, manage your jobs, plus leave feedback on completed jobs.

Getting Tradesmen Quotes in Northamptonshire

We have 1000's of Northamptonshire Tradesmen listed waiting to give you competitive quotes for any type of work you require. is a free service. When you are successful in finding a quality local tradesperson, please take a moment to rate your tradesman so future users can be guided aswell.

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Tips for finding trusted Tradesmen in Northamptonshire

Always check qualifications and insurances

No matter how credible or trustworthy your tradesperson may seem, always ask to see your tradesman's public liability insurance and the necessary qualifications before allowing any work to commence.

Try to get at least 3 quotes

It is strongly recommended that home owners try to obtain at least 3 quotes from separate Northamptonshire Tradesmen before hiring their Tradesperson. This allows home owners to compare quotes giving them a full understanding of the costs and work involved.

Get a written Quote

Make sure any verbal quotes obtained are backed up in writing with full costs and company details. This will help resolve any disputes if any arise down the line. A verbal quote is a bad sign and could be altered by a tradesman at any time.

Don't just hire local

Don't limit your resources, the Tradesmen you hire do not have to be from Northamptonshire. Many recommended Tradesmen will travel for work. However, it is worth considering weather travel expenses have been added to any estimate.

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Tradesmen says...

National Tradesmen Day 2013

Do you know a plumber that never lets his clients down? Or a tradesman that always goes the extra mile? Well raise a glass to your DIY saviours on National Tradesmen Day.

This years holiest day for tradespeople is on Friday the 20th of September. In fact every National tradesmen day falls on a Friday so that our hard working traders can celebrate with a traditional half day and a hard earned festive pint.

The creators of this joyous occasion are the good people of IRWIN tools, who in 2007 decided that it was the time we gave a little recognition back for all the good work our tradesmen conduct for us every day. So if you are wondering why your job has been deserted on Friday the 20th of September, give the guys a break because after all, it's National Tradesmen Day.

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